Oh, books

In case you don’t follow me on twitter (though really, why don’t you? I’m amusing if nothing else!) or you haven’t been around with the holiday weekend, my boyfriend gave me a bookcase. Just a simple 5 shelf case, but oh my sweet zombie jesus the thought I put into organizing that thing. I may not be the neatest or most organized of peoples, but when it comes to books I am OBSESSIVE.


Yeah. I would do this.

First there was the unpacking. Then the agonizing. Clearly just alpha by author is UNACCEPTABLE. I mean, if I am in the mood for a Steampunk novel, how am I supposed to remember all of the author names in that genre? But then again, what if I want a YA Steampunk? Or a non-series YA Fantasy novel? DO YOU SEE THE PROBLEM HERE?! I kind of a fan of John Green’sof organizing, sadly I don’t have enough shelf space. Also I don’t have my entire library with me at the moment and I am a little hesitant to spend hours setting things up only to have to redo everything once I get the rest of my collection out of storage.

For now I set it up as: Oversized/Art Books, Trade Paper Graphic Novels/Collections, Steampunk, Sci Fi, Fantasy (they are two different categories!), Mystery, literary fiction, Nonfiction, YA. All alpha by author within their subjects though. It just got me thinking, does anyone else obsess over this? Or am I the only weirdo who enjoys sorting and organizing books? I would suppose it’s a by-product of working in bookstores for years, but then again, I met plenty of people who worked in bookstores and didn’t read.

So dear readers, what say you? Organize all the books? Or just dump them on shelves? Do you have a specific order or is it whatever strikes your fancy that day?


2 thoughts on “Oh, books

  1. I’m impressed by the collection!

    Most of my books are in storage, though, as my apartment doesn’t have anywhere near the right amount of space for my collection. I pretty much just stuff as many ebook as I can onto my iPad. It’s easily searched and saves me from going off on an OCD rampage!

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